Product Overview

Failure to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation can have serious financial and reputational consequences for your organisation. But the need to rapidly adhere to updated AML compliance and reporting obligations can be burdensome and complex, and many have been hit with significant fines for failing to detect money laundering transactions.

Leveraging the AI discipline of Machine Learning, our AML solution is able to meet rapidly evolving global AML challenges. It can support all your real-time and offline AML compliance obligations. The system analyses Know Your Customer (KYC) data to assess customer risk, then detects customer and account behavioural patterns which may indicate suspicious activity, alerting these accordingly to compliance officers.

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Lower AML compliance costs

Monitor and analyse all types and stages of transactions across all channels.

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Continually increase accuracy and reduce false positives

Through AI, Machine Learning technologies and self-evaluation and feedback.

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Fast AML deployment

Highly interoperable, integrates easily with existing systems for fast and easy implementation.

How it works

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AML risk mitigation

Our AML solution comprises a range of different components which comprehensively cover anti-money laundering, and is deployed on a modular basis to suit specific business needs. Highly scalable, the solution can address the needs of both large and small institutions.

To ensure complete AML reporting compliance, all actions taken by the system and users are fully auditable, providing detailed explanations for all decisions in order to provide complete transparency and satisfy regulatory requirements in the most efficient way.

Product highlights:

  • Risk-based real-time and end-of-day pattern monitoring and anomaly detection - Utilising NLP and Machine Learning-based models as well as rule-based scenarios across the entire transaction chain for the highest levels of compliance.
  • Efficient alert investigation dashboard - Comprehensive alert data is presented in a single investigation dashboard, for efficient processing.
  • High throughput / low latency solutions provider certified to support real-time schemes.
  • Explainable and auditable monitoring.

Solution capabilities

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AML detection

Suspicious/unusual transaction and behaviour anomaly detection in real-time and end of day modes.

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Profiling & segmentation

Machine Learning-based profiling of customers, segments and transactions.

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Visual link analysis

Interactive graphical display of identified networks for optimised investigation.

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Rule library & scenario builder

A library of rule-based and risk-based AML scenarios, and a scenario builder to define any custom scenarios.

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Machine learning

Machine Learning-based models for AML transaction monitoring.

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Alert & case management

Easy investigation, configurable prioritisation and SAR/STR reporting capabilities.

Key Benefits

Effective risk management

Better protect your organisation by harnessing machine learning for mitigating reputational risk, fines and penalties.

Enterprise solution

Enterprise-level scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Low false positives

By leveraging AI cutting-edge technologies to derive meaning from payments and financial data.

Reduce cost to compliance

By using a single, AI based, robust and integrated financial crime compliance platform.

Seamless integration

Easy integration with your message processing workflow and client database.

Fast deployment

Works with your existing source systems for speedy implementation.

Find Out More

Built for simplicity and scalability, you can integrate Pelican in as little as four weeks. Reach out and our global team will help you find the right solution for your business.

Brochures and Datasheets

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