Banks must manage and securely process all payments, including the new ISO 20022 payment types, be highly efficient with reduced friction in processing and at higher STP capabilities, and manage sanctions screening, AML, and KYC monitoring effectively and efficiently - at the same time as offering superior  customer experiences, meeting their SLA and their trusted partner.

The challenge? Competing with agile Fintech’s and challenger banks as well as meeting the constant pressure from regulators all while using challenging legacy systems. 

Pelican AI's advanced and comprehensive component-based solutions allow banks to meet their operational, payment processing, and compliance needs, while delighting its customers. Our fully integrated and modular payment processing capabilities cover all types of payments such as cross-border, high (RTGS) and low value domestic, and faster (instant) payments..

Backed by 25+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) we enable help payments data leveraging by normalisation, categorisation/enrichment, Insights/analytics and recommendation for new products and services for revenue generation along with high STP rates, and self-learning capabilities. Bringing an intelligent way to manage payment processes, while leveraging the latest technologies, our solutions are architected based on APIs, Containerisation with microservices enabled, and are highly scalable and cloud-ready.


Integrated Payments and Compliance

Our comprehensive and integrated payments and compliance solution provides banks with a complete digital platform for the open and instant environment to innovate, compete and quickly gain market share.


Scalable & technology-agnostic

Our solution is modular and scalable using cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment while allowing efficient and resilient operations and compliance with high throughput.


Easy integration

Integrated, any-to-any payments and messaging Hub for all banks and payments and statement transaction types.

Digital Payments Hub

Next-generation payments and compliance suite


Payment systems worldwide are undergoing significant transformation due to ISO 20022 and the introduction of real-time (or Instant or Fast) payments.

Cross-border payments, High value (RGTS) payments, and instant payments along with many ACH systems like SEPA, will all be using ISO 20022 based message formats, globally. This means by 2026, 80% of global payments will be in ISO 20022 format, especially for major currencies. This will significantly transform the payment landscape. All banks and vendors will be able to provide SWIFT, faster or instant, RTGS, and ACH payments in ISO standard formats. With the popularity of scalable cloud technologies, containerisation and microservices, scalable payment platforms will be “standardised” and commonplace.

In addition, due to increasing fraud and financial crime, regulators are increasing the number of checks for sanctions screening, AML, KYC, and fraud. This means an efficient, integrated, and seamless financial crime compliance check is now a mandatory requirement within any payment solution – on-cloud or on-premise. 

Pelican AI provides one comprehensive component-based integrated system to manage payments, compliance, and fraud checks. This allows for a single view of all data, enabling corrective action to meet strict processing times, along with the ability to have one common view of the customer transactions for both payments and compliance. (Essential for Faster or Instant payments.)

Pelican AI’s Digital Payments Hub allows banks to be highly efficient in their processing environment and compete with Fintechs and other banks at the same time as effectively meeting regulatory requirements with very low false positives and all within one single instance of Pelican.

Instant Payments

Digital Payments Hub can also provide a standalone Instant Payment processing platform for built-in real-time payments and compliance. It allows banks to add immediate payments functionality to their current infrastructure while retaining existing investments in legacy systems, providing quick access to the liquidity and service benefits of real-time transactions - without the traditional implementation challenges and costs.

Value-Added Components

As part of Digital Payments Hub, Pelican offers several value-added components for a comprehensive and integrated payment processing environment. 

Integrated Compliance

Leveraging the Al disciplines of NLP and Machine Learning, Pelican Secure Enterprise Sanctions Screening is a market-leading financial crime compliance solution.

Real-time features

  • Supports multiple instant payment schemes for connectivity and payments processing.
  • Integrated with Pelican's compliance filter for real-time payments and FCC solution.
  • Full end-to-end solution with integrated APls.
  • Account mirroring and validation - providing a stand-in mode bridging the gap of core systems that are not 24 x 7 x 365.

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Platform highlights

  • Integrated, any-to-any payments and messaging Hub for all banks and payments and statement transaction types.

  • Supports high and low-value domestic payments, Instant payments, cross border payments (SWIFT) including payment initiation.

  • Intelligent routing of payments based on the content of the payments using AI and NLP.

  • Automated file management, reformatting, and routing directly to clearing banks or networks.
  • Automated repair, enrichment and scheduling with end-to-end exception processing.
  • Intelligent and automated payments and statement matching and reconciliation.
  • Connects to any core banking or bank office system with multiple protocols including API.
  • Built-in sanctions and financial crime compliance filter within the Pelican platform enabling regulatory compliance out of the box. Plus robust reporting, dashboard, analytics.
  • AI-based payment enrichment and data normalisation as an add-on module.
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment availability.
  • Provides high throughput / low latency with a robust and scalable architecture.

Pelican Secure Suite

Compliance challenges. Solved.


The threat landscape for global payments has grown in reach, volume, and complexity. Anti-money laundering sanctions obligations and fraud detection are part of a broad compliance challenge across payments and trade finance. Recent breaches at banks across multiple regions have resulted in severe financial losses and hefty fines due to weaknesses in financial crime prevention controls.

Key Highlights

Pelican Secure is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered Financial Crime Compliance solutions protecting all stages of the payments, trade and transaction lifecycle – comprising four modular solutions covering:

  • Watchlist and sanctions screening
  • AML transaction monitoring
  • Payments fraud detection
  • Trade digitisation, automation, and compliance

Compliance Features

  • Sanctions check all your counterparties, payments and trade using Pelican's Al-powered filtering solution.
  • Supports all existing corporate message and file formats - no need to convert them.
  • Financial Crime detection; analysing patterns of behaviour to identify fraud, AML and TBML.
  • Uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to identify and alert new AML and fraudulent patterns before it's too late.
  • Improve efficiency with significantly reduced false positives.

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Open Banking Platform


Pelican AI offers an integrated Open Banking solution as a value-add component of our Digital Payments Hub. Our Open Banking solution offers connectivity to over 4,000 banks in Europe, regardless of the standard they are using.

Pelican AI offers a ubiquitous API interoperable platform, where banks can support one standard while having the ability to send and receive API calls in multiple standards without impacting the back office or expensive one-to-one API connectivity (and associated maintenance challenges).

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Innovative AI Apps

Seamlessly Integrated Technologies

The Pelican Platform is a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated technologies. Including Al, machine learning, natural language processing, real-time communication, and open API, all working in unison with a powerful transaction management layer built and refined over the last two decades, incorporating workflows, analytics, cloud, and mobile.

These elements combine together to provide an enriched user experience. The Pelican Platform powers the functionality underpinning all Pelican solutions - Pelican Payments, Pelican Secure, and Pelican Open Banking and forms the basis of Pelican Innovation Hub.

Solution highlights:

The Pelican Innovation Hub brings together all of the modular and tightly integrated payments and compliance solutions.

These all utilise the core technologies and capabilities of the Pelican Platform. This includes the AI disciplines of Machine Learning, NLP, and Voice, Open API integration, rich Omni-Channel UX, flexible Cloud deployment scenarios, and real-time payments and compliance capabilities.

Our innovative AI apps consist of:

  1. Cash Reporting (AIS)
  2. Financial Health Check
  3. Credit Check & Lending
  4. Merchant Pay
  5. Business Payments (Bills, Salary)
  6. Business Collections (TopUps, Invoice Collections)

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Built for simplicity and scalability, you can integrate Pelican in as little as four weeks. Reach out and our global team will help you find the right solution for your business.

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