Securing global trade with AI

Advanced Trade-based money laundering detection

End-to-end trade monitoring and protection

Securing your trade business

Following a regulatory tightening of compliance checks on payment systems and processes, Trade Finance is now under increased regulatory focus. There are multiple stringent new guidelines in force, including from Singapore’s MAS, Hong Kong’s HKMA and the UK’s FCA. The advanced Pelican TBML solution addresses the growing challenge of Trade Based Money Laundering - securing global trade, managing risks and protecting your reputation.

The Solution
Pelican provides an AI-powered complete end-to-end trade transaction cycle monitoring solution, leveraging the AI discipline of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive meaning and understanding across all trade instruments and messages.

Multi-Layered protection

Highest Levels of protection
For over twenty years, Pelican have pioneered the practical application of AI in payments and financial crime compliance. These unique capabilities are leveraged to extract and contextualise relevant free format data in multiple trade documents and instruments.

The comprehensive Pelican TBML solution delivers the highest possible level of security and protection, with  a multi-layered approach to address all compliance challenges for trade business. By harnessing our unique AI heritage, Pelican increases your TBML detection levels, provides end-to-end trade transaction compliance, boots efficiencies and lowers your operating costs.


TBML Detection features
  • Documentary Information consistency checks -understanding multiple documents in a single trade cycle to identify incomplete/missing/inconsistent/ambiguous information.
  • Enhanced Sanctions screening of trade documents - Utilising NLP to identify trade information potentially subject to sanctions embargoes in all trade instruments,  matching this against any required watchlist.
  • Trade Based ‘Red’ Flag Indicator checks - Red flag indicator checks as defined by MAS, HKMA, Wolfsberg etc. High risk jurisdictions and products, dual-use goods, and over/under invoicing.

Advanced AI Protection

Solution Capabilities
  • Uses NLP to extract and understand relevant trade finance data
  • Ability to understand free format information in multiple trade documents and instruments
  • Performs consistency checks on key information across multiple trade documents in different formats


  • Scans all trade instruments in the trade transaction cycle, including Bills of Exchange, Letter of Credit, SWIFT MT7xx
  • Detection of Red Flag indicators as specified by OFAC, FATF, Wolfsburg, FIU-IND, MAS, HKMA
  • Full TBML Compliance Checks, including shipment to high-risk countries, dual-use goods, over/under-invoicing, ghost shipping, high-risk items, commodity pricing anomalies, document comparisons

Pelican Benefits

TBML Detection Solution benefits
  • Effective Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance - with existing and future regulations to avoid reputational and financial risk
  • Dramatic Cost Reductions compared with traditional TBML detection processes
  • Minimize false positives -industry leading near-zero FPR


  • Fast deployment of TBML compliance solution - works with your existing systems for speedy implementation
  • Reduce operating costs and enterprise risk by using a single AI based platform for TBML, Sanctions Screening, Real time AML, and Payments Fraud
  • Engage in new business sectors and geographies with the confidence of being compliant

Find Out More

PelicanSecure Brochures & Datasheets
Please use the Download button below to access the full library of PelicnaSecure information resources, including datasheets covering Payments Fraud, Real-Time AML, Sanctions Screening and Trade Based Money Laundering detection.


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