Real-Time Compliance with PelicanFast

Leveraging AI for industry-leading security

Leveraging AI technology, Pelican’s real-time solutions meet the challenge of completing financial crime compliance checks within very short processing times. PelicanFast is a fully integrated payments and compliance solution. 

The Solution
PelicanFast compliance capabilities go beyond standard and passive data checking, to provide industry leading compliance and fraud detection - even in real-time environments. Harnessing over two decades of experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Pelican leverages the power and insights of Artificial Intelligence to stay one step ahead of fraud.

Integrated Compliance

AML, Sanctions and Fraud

The PelicanFast real-time compliance solution is unique in the way it utilises the Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline of natural language processing to provide the highest levels of compliance. 

Leveraging the real-time capabilities of PelicanSecure, a fully configurable range of AML, Sanctions and Fraud prevention screening is conducted in real-time, ensuring all validations are made within the strict processing time limits required.

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PelicanFast features

  • Adhere to processing time-frame requirements for AML, Sanctions and Fraud.
  • Review times cut by 80%, with detailed alert information and investigation dashboard.
  • Very low false positive rate through usage of Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI.
  • Detects new patterns across AML and Fraud monitoring.

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