Your Instant Payments Platform

A scalable and flexible solution

Traditional end-of-day batch processing systems can struggle to adapt to the demands of today’s instant payment expectations. PelicanFast enables organisations to connect to real-time payment schemes in a simple and speedy manner, without the need to replace existing legacy systems.  

The Solution
PelicanFast is the in-built real-time payments and compliance functionality within PelicanPayments. It allows banks to add immediate payments functionality to their current infrastructure while retaining existing investments in legacy systems, providing quick access to the liquidity and service benefits of real-time transactions without the traditional implementation challenges and costs. 

Supports Multiple Schemes

Global Access

Pelican is an ideal partner to provide real-time payments functionality for your organisation and is an officially designated Frontrunner service provider by EBA Clearing to facilitate connection to the pan-European real-time payment infrastructure across 34 European countries. PelicanFast is equally adaptable to other instant payments schemes as these are introduced, providing a scalable and flexible solution.

PelicanFast is an innovative real-time payments processing service, enabling banks and PSPs to make and receive real-time payments in multiple locations.

PelicanFast features

  • Global solution – supports multiple instant payment schemes for cost and time efficient implementation.
  • Account mirroring and validation - providing a stand-in mode bridging the gap of core systems which are not 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Integrated APIs  – end to end solution encompassing Corporate to Bank and inter-bank connection.

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