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Modular Corporate Banking Solutions

Servicing Corporate clients can be challenging. Traditional e-banking channels and payment processing systems often force corporate users to adhere to narrow proprietary standards. With complex global office structures and affiliates, Corporates can struggle to manage disparate bank channels, TMS and ERP systems, with data often siloed and requiring manual and time consuming duplication and transformation. These factors make it challenging for Corporates to make payments easily and get balance and cash positions in a timely manner, in turn impacting liquidity.

The Solution
Pelican’s comprehensive Payments Platform addresses these challenges utilising a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) disciplines to deliver innovative, market-leading corporate banking services. Banks are able to offer their corporate customers multiple modes of connectivity for all transaction types, and a single dashboard to simplify, view and control the processing of all payments, collections, statements and reporting - enriching the customer experience and truly differentiating the Corporate offering. By leveraging Pelican’s API management layer, banks can also enable their corporate customers to enjoy the full benefits of open banking initiatives and instant payment schemes.

Corporate Payments Hub

Single dashboard management

A consolidated Payments Hub integrating all corporate payments infrastructures and transaction types.

Automating lowest-cost routing, integrated compliance and fraud detection, and advanced message repair to achieve the highest levels of efficiencies and reduced operating costs.

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Hub features

  • Seamlessly integrates corporate customers’ ERP/TMS into bank infrastructure.
  • Payment & Collection Factory – enabling corporates to undertake POBO and COBO services.
  • Single secure management dashboard across all payment channels.
  • Leverages AI disciplines such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to intelligently increase processing efficiency.

Real-Time Payments

Instant Payment Solutions

End to end real-time payments encompassing the corporate to bank and interbank connection across multiple geographies.

PelicanFast is the in-built real-time payments and compliance functionality within PelicanPayments. It allows banks to add immediate payments functionality to their current infrastructure while retaining existing investments in legacy systems.

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Real-Time features

  • Supports multiple instant payment schemes for connectivity and payments processing.
  • Inter-bank real-time solution accredited for instant payment schemes.
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure at both the corporate and the bank, bridging legacy gaps.

Open API Banking

Open Banking Portal

Rich omni-channel interface and Open API integration capabilities deliver a powerful and future-proofed solution.

The Pelican Open Banking API solution provides a comprehensive suite of dynamic API capabilities for ASPSPs and third party providers (TPPs) seeking to adhere to or participate in open banking initiatives such as the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe and the Open Banking Standard (OBS) in the UK.

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Real-Time features

  • Connects corporate customers in real-time using the Pelican open banking portal.
  • Leverage the Pelican API –which can be white labelled.
  • API conversion and aggregation, removing the need to support multiple APIs.
  • Enables new innovative products and services to be offered to customers.

Corporate Banking Solutions

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Corporate Banking Brochures & Datasheets

Please use the Download button below to access the full library of Corporate Banking information resources, including datasheets covering Payments Hub and Open Banking.

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Pelican's solutions leverage the unique capabilities of the PelicanPlatform.

Each of Pelican's award-winning payments and compliance solutions leverage the advanced capabilities and technologies of the PelicanPlatform. These include the Artificial Intelligence disciplines of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Voice processing; Open API integration; rich Omni-Channel UX; flexible Cloud deployment scenarios; and real-time capabilities.

Collectively they provide a uniquely rich technology core, powering the most advanced and capable payments and compliance solutions.


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