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In today’s challenging business environment, efficient use of working capital is vital. Corporate Treasurers require accurate visibility of cash positions, secure payment work-flows and authorisations - objectives that can be difficult to achieve when managing disparate proprietary bank channels and multiple TMS / ERP systems deployed across subsidiaries and affiliates.
Heightened global regulatory obligations, with increased risks of financial penalties and reputational damage for non-compliance, place further challenges on often overstretched treasury resources.

The Solution
Pelican’s agile payments platform streamlines processing and financial communication, removing the need to significantly adapt your own systems or undertake complex configurations and integration work to exchange information with your banks, affiliates or subsidiaries. Pelican utilises a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) disciplines to deliver innovative payments and compliance solutions for corporates – giving you the security, flexibility, efficiency and insight your business needs to stay ahead in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Corporate Payments Hub

Single dashboard management

A consolidated Payments Hub integrating all corporate payments infrastructures and transaction types.

Automating lowest-cost routing, integrated compliance and fraud detection, and advanced message repair to achieve the highest levels of efficiencies and reduced operating costs.

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Hub features

  • Reduce bank fees with an AI powered payments engine providing least cost routing and automated repair functions.
  • Enterprise cash management portal with end-to-end visibility across all affiliates and business units.
  • Single management dashboard across all your payment channels, including real-time schemes.
  • Supports payment factory, POBO and COBO structure, and ‘In-house’ banking.

Open API Connectivity

Open Banking Solutions

The rich omni-channel interface and API integration capabilities deliver a powerful and future-proofed corporate payments solution.

The Pelican Open Banking API solution provides a comprehensive suite of dynamic API capabilities for corporates.

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API features

  • Connect to any external party, be that multiple banks or third-party providers (TPPs) using Pelican’s Open API.
  • API integration layer which can sit on top of your ERP or TMS.
  • Omni-Channel interface supporting flexible deployment options.
  • Get the full corporate benefits of open banking initiatives and real-time payments with a solution suitable for instant payments schemes.

Compliance Integration

Financial Crime Compliance solutions

Pelican Corporate payments provides an integrated financial crime compliance solution.

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Real-Time features

  • Sanctions check all your counterparties and payments using Pelican’s AI powered sanctions filter.
  • Supports your existing corporate file formats – no need to convert them.
  • Corporate Payments Fraud detection analysing patterns of behaviour to identify fraud.
  • Uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to identify and alert new fraudulent patterns before it’s too late.

Corporate Payments Solutions

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Corporate Payments Brochure

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Totally Integrated. Uniquely Powerful.

Pelican's solutions leverage the unique capabilities of the PelicanPlatform.

Each of Pelican's award-winning payments and compliance solutions leverage the advanced capabilities and technologies of the PelicanPlatform. These include the Artificial Intelligence disciplines of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Voice processing; Open API integration; rich Omni-Channel UX; flexible Cloud deployment scenarios; and real-time capabilities.

Collectively they provide a uniquely rich technology core, powering the most advanced and capable payments and compliance solutions.


The foundation to all Pelican's payments and compliance solutions

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An innovation environment for banks to build their digital future

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Our mission is to deliver innovative and agile solutions, powering your growth.

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