Comprehensive corporate compliance

Industry-leading compliance and fraud prevention

The threat landscape for corporate payments has grown in reach, volume and complexity. Anti-money laundering, sanctions obligations and fraud detection are part of a broad compliance challenge. 

The Solution
Pelican's Corporate Payments & Compliance solution incorporates PelicanSecure – a comprehensive suite of Financial Crime Compliance applications protecting all stages of the corporate payments lifecycle covering Payments Fraud Prevention, Real-time AML and Sanctions Screening.

Integrated Compliance

Enterprise-wide protection

The expansion of global watchlists and a tightening regulatory framework creates many challenges for corporates. The need to rapidly adhere to regulatory directives and updated Sanctions lists across all business lines and territories can be burdensome and complex, with serious financial and reputational consequences for noncompliance.

Leveraging the AI disciplines of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, PelicanSecure Enterprise Sanctions Screening is a market-leading financial crime compliance solution.

Compliance features

  • Sanctions check all your counterparties and payments using Pelican’s AI powered sanctions filter.
  • Supports your existing corporate file formats – no need to convert them.
  • Corporate Payments Fraud detection analysing patterns of behaviour to identify fraud.
  • Uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to identify and alert new fraudulent patterns before it’s too late.
  • Improve efficiency with significantly reduced false positives


Comprehensive compliance

Leveraging the AI disciplines of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, PelicanSecure is a market-leading financial crime compliance solution.

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PelicanSecure features

  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to screen accurately against any standard or proprietary watchlist
  • Support for any file format, or message type, including unstructured and free format text
  • Review times cut by 80%, with detailed alert info and investigation dashboard
  • Self-learning functionality ensuring continued near-zero False Positive Rate (FPR)

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