Global Payments Product Manager

The Position

An excellent opportunity for an experienced Global Payments Product Manager to join a leading Global financial technology company offering a wide range of enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence based solutions in Payments, Compliance and Open Banking for banks, fintechs and corporates.

The opportunity will further allow to utilise your experience, to join a thought leading teams working within the payments domain to showcase and enhance your specialist skills to be part of a core team to build innovative, market leading payments products and services.

We are looking for a Payments Product Manager to drive the evolution and deployment of our Payments solutions that leverages our 20+ years of AI experience for better use of payments data for new products offering, data enrichment etc along with API connectivity and targeted business use cased based API using our existing API infrastructure.

The successful candidate will have a strong sense of technical understanding, combined with product management acumen, and possess demonstrable experience in delivering functional product designs, build product roadmap and an ability to thrive in a dynamic job profile that will offer opportunities to evolve into related roles in a hectic entrepreneurial environment. It is expected that candidate has good payments domain experience along with ability to build business case for investment needed in product. Candidate must be comfortable making presentation to prospects and clients and articulating payments industry knowledge along with Pelican payments products.

About Pelican

Pelican AI (ACE Software Solution Ltd.) is an Industry - Leading global innovator in Payments, Financial Crime Compliance and Open Banking technology and the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products, solutions (platform based) for banks, financial institutions and corporates. Pelican AI has been highly recognized as one of the market leaders by key industry analysts (Gartner, Celent and Forrester).

With offices in New York (New Jersey Iselin), London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Mumbai, Pune and Hong Kong, our global team of financial services and technology experts supports large global banks, financial institutions (e.g. investment / fund management) and corporates in over 55 countries around the world.

Every staff member at Pelican AI is focused on providing Payments and Financial Crime Compliance products, solutions and services, driving efficiency and profitability of existing and new customers. Pelican AI is proud of the leadership position we have achieved in the advancement of new technology since our inception, bringing our users to the forefront of their strategy.

 With an average customer life cycle of 10+ years, our strong customer base is one of the key fundaments fuelling our products and solutions enhancements and roadmap. Since our inception 25 years ago, Pelican AI has pioneered the practical application of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Pelican AI is utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), to deal with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, industry and domain specific characteristics, providing advanced domain specific evolutionary libraries and (machine learning) models. Our next generation platforms process and analyze large amounts of natural language data with the ultimate objective to read, decipher, understand, and make sense of the human languages in a manner that is Auditable and Explainable!

 Close client relationships combined with our distinctive internal culture of nurturing expertise and knowledge sharing, has enabled us to deliver what we believe are the most powerful end-to-end payments and compliance solutions in the world.

Aims & Goals

The Global Payments Product Manager is the leader of the Product team, working primarily with Product Owners, developers, customer support, sales, pre-sales, and customers to develop a product and market strategy based on, among others, new features and functionality, defined within a Product Roadmap along with industry related changes and help maintain competitive advantage in the market place.

The primary goals of the Product Manager are to ensure that he/she works in consultation with the other managers such as marketing and sales and market-facing functions to build a product and go - to market strategy, to ensure in collaboration with Product Owners that the product is complete in terms of functionalities and features to fulfil the go-to-market strategy, and that it is based on state of art technology which meets industry requirements and standards, along with being competitive in the market.

Key Responsibilities

  • Product Management: -
    • Be the subject matter expert on the payments technical and regulatory environment, as well as the market opportunities and the industry trends
    • Be a thought Leader within the industry and as a speaker in roadshows and events
    • Responsible for the product strategy and long-term vision
    • Own product roadmap including providing input to product owners, reviewing, and approving the roadmap.
    • Deliver the growth objectives including market share, revenue, profit and ROI
    • Act as a client evangelist and as the internal voice of the customer; build the business case for clients
    • Utilize available resources including market analysts to produce a competitive analysis       
  • Sales/Presales Support: -
    • Interact with the sales team and customers to understand customer needs and support new products and new releases
    • Provide training for Sales and Presales teams
  • Marketing support: -
    • Work with Marketing Communications to execute a Product Marketing Plan including marketing collaterals (Product handles content, Marketing handle copywriting and design).
    • Generate marketing content for campaigns & product/release launch including messaging & Positioning
  • Team Interactions
    • Sales Team
    • Presales Team
    • Marketing Team
    • Finance Team
  •  External Interactions
    • Customers & prospects
    • Market Analysts
    • Market Stakeholders (Partners, SWIFT, Regulators)

Experience Level & Qualification:

  1. Experience Level
    • 10 - 15 years’ experience in payments domain
  1. Educational Background
    • University degree with minimum bachelors and masters degree is preferred

Essential Skills

  • Strong knowledge in payments area such as Transaction Banking and Corporate (Banking markets globally
  • Comfortable participating in panels at conferences, presenting, completing webinars, etc.
  • Ability to manage teams of product owners and reporting to Chief Product Officer (CPO) and CEO.
  • Experience and knowledge of cross border and real time payments including SWIFT, various domestic market infrastructure such as the US, the UK, and EU.
  • Decision maker with respect to product management and product marketing
  • Customer focus and business driven mentality
  • Analytical skills, innovative thinking and problem solving
  • High level of verbal and written communication skills
  • Presentation skills.
  • Familiar with product marketing tactics (e.g. integrated marketing campaigns)
  • People and management skills
  • Strong cross-group collaboration skills, with a strong sense of "the team"
  • Strong public speaker, comfortable in front of large senior groups

Additional Skills

  • Previous exposure to Payments teams in banks or at vendors and would be an advantage.



To apply, please send your resume to