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The increasing menace of trade-based money laundering is an often under-reported, financial and reputational risk to banks and a growing concern to governments and regulators alike.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are laundered through illegal trade transactions each year, which are extremely difficult to detect. Techniques such as falsifying documents, under or over-invoicing, and misrepresenting financial transactions, are difficult to trace as they can involve multiple parties, jurisdictions and transactions.

Join us on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at 3pm HKT for an engaging panel discussion with Pelican’s Colin Camp, and other industry experts from Windward and Acuris Risk Intelligence.

This webinar will provide expert insights into the issues faced by trade finance professionals and how they could be resolved.

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Meet the Panelists

Colin Camp
Senior Director –
Business Development,
Nick Parfitt 
Nick Parfit
Head of Market Planning
Acuris Risk Intelligence
Ron Crean 
Ron Crean
Vice President, Commercial
Radish Singh 
Radish Singh
Deloitte Forensic,