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Open Banking and Real Time PaymentsOpen Banking and real-time payments initiatives have created a level playing field for banks and fintechs. It has also created a large market for over 500 million consumers and businesses that crave for intuitive, engaging and practical products and services that would simplify and enhance their daily professional and personal lives.

Banks and fintechs now have the capability to exploit these opportunities by deploying the latest advances technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Voice recognition, combined with always on and available everywhere mobile technologies, cloud platform and API based integrations.

Pelican Digital Apps

Pelican’s agile payments platform

The Pelican Platform is a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated technologies including AI, machine learning, natural language processing, real-time communication and open API, which work in unison with a powerful transaction management layer built and refined over the last two decades, incorporating workflows, analytics, cloud and mobile.


These elements combined with to provide an enriched and engaging user experience. The Pelican Platform powers the functionality underpinning all Pelican solutions – Pelican Payments, Pelican Secure, and Pelican Open Banking and forms the basis of Pelican Innovation Hub.

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Pelican's Digital Apps consist of:

BizPay (Invoices, Salary)

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BizCollect (Collections)

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Merchant Pay

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Financial Health Check

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European Cash Reporting

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European Payment Initiation

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