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Modular Transaction Banking Solutions

Banking SolutionsNon-traditional competition such as Fintechs, Challenger banks and also Regulators are constantly pressuring banks in meeting their objectives. Banks must manage new payment types, securely process payments, be efficient with high STP capabilities, and trade transaction with Sanctions Screening, AML and TBML monitoring. All this while meeting and offering superior customer experience in such a highly regulated business and competitive landscape.

Pelican’s transaction banking solution is advanced and component-based to allow banks to meet their Operational, Payment processing and compliance demands, helping them in meeting the challenge.

Pelican’s solutions

Pelican’s solutions offer a full-scope of payment processing, covering every aspect of payments. Pelican uses NLP, ML, and AI to enable high STP rate, with Self-Learning capabilities to bring in an intelligent way to manage payment processes, leveraging latest technologies.

Pelican Open Banking Platform

Pelican Open Banking API solution

Banking API Solution

The emergence of a truly open banking ecosystem is set to dramatically transform how banks and their customers engage and operate. The ability, and obligation, to provide payment initiation services and share account data with authorised third-parties represents a significant inflection point in the digital transformation of financial services. The high velocity of technological  innovation and the shift to mobile-first engagement provides dynamic new opportunities for financial institutions to enrich their services and products.

Open banking initiatives go hand in hand with increased adoption of real time payments, and the two combined will be a game- changer. The Pelican Open Banking API solution provides a comprehensive suite of dynamic API capabilities for ASPSPs and third party providers (TPPs) seeking to adhere to or participate in open banking initiatives such as the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe and the Open Banking Standard (OBS) in the UK.

Beyond open banking compliance

Going beyond open banking compliance, the broad Pelican Payments and compliance platform creates a highly functional API development and deployment environment for Banks to provide innovative solutions, and indeed operate themselves as Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs). Additionally, Pelican Open Banking enables customers to manage, monetise and monitor the complete API offering to third parties. Combined with Pelican’s instant payments capabilities, the platform serves as an invaluable tool in assisting users on their digital transformation journeys.

global-transactionThe Pelican Open Banking Platform comprises of:

  • Pelican Open Banking Hub
  • PSD2 API Hub
  • Aggregations

Pelican Payments Hub

Single dashboard management


In today’s rapidly changing market, Transaction Banking faces many challenges - and opportunities. The impact of new initiatives like instant payments, Open Banking, and heightened expectations to work better, cheaper and faster are significantly transforming the operating landscape. Legacy, pre-digital core banking systems are not easily replaceable, and can struggle to cope with the business imperatives of delivering the innovative and real-time services customers and businesses demand.

The Pelican Payments solution encompasses a Payments and Messaging Hub integrating all payments infrastructures, banks and transaction types. The Hub is a complete payments solution for transaction banks, delivering exceptional levels of efficiency, control
and flexibility. Spanning a full end-to-end suite of transformation, routing, repair and reporting services, its modular architecture
works with existing and legacy infrastructures to provide innovative and agile services and solutions for today’s digital economy.

Using Pelican, banks can gain quick access to the liquidity and service benefits of real-time transactions, avoiding the traditional implementation headaches and costs associated with a major systems overhaul. AI Enhanced Solutions AI technology and our unrivalled expertise in transaction banking enables organisations to benefit from intelligent payments management across the entire payments life-cycle with industry-leading levels of efficiency.

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Hub features

  • Integrated, any to any payments and messaging Hub for all banks and transaction types.
  • Automated file management, reformatting and routing direct to clearing banks and networks.
  • Connects to any core banking or back-office system over any protocol.
  • In-built Sanctions and financial crime compliance filter within the Pelican platform enabling regulatory compliance out of the box.
  • End-to-end cash visibility and reporting, with full reconciliation for nostro network and liquidity management
  • Implemented at numerous banks as a central Hub for all payment types and financial data, with bespoke work-flows and processes as required
  • Suitable for instant payment schemes - robust, scalable with high throughput / low latency

The Pelican Open Banking Platform comprises of:

  • Payment Hub
  • RTP / STP
  • Payment Gateway


SWIFT Low Value Payments

Pelican is supporting SWIFT GPI Enabled Low Value Payment initiative by providing payment validation and AI & NLP based payment enrichment to ensure end to end STP with ability to clear payments within 4 hour window of clearing. SWIFT Low Value Cross Border payment is Fast, Predictable and Frictionless cross border low value payments for SME and consumers. Pelican solution available on cloud or on premises now to address immediate market needs.

Pelican Secure™ Platform

Broad compliance challenges solved


The threat landscape for global payments has grown in reach, volume and complexity. Anti-money laundering, sanctions obligations and fraud detection are part of a broad compliance challenge across payments and trade finance. Recent breaches at banks across multiple regions have resulted in severe financial losses and hefty fines due to weaknesses in financial crime
prevention controls.

The expansion of global watchlists and a tightening regulatory framework creates many challenges for corporates. The need to rapidly adhere to regulatory directives and updated Sanctions lists across all business lines and territories can be burdensome and complex, with serious financial and reputational consequences for noncompliance.

PelicanSecure Enterprise Sanctions Screening

Leveraging the AI disciplines of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, PelicanSecure Enterprise Sanctions Screening is a market-leading financial crime compliance solution.

Compliance features

  • Sanctions check all your counterparties and payments using Pelican’s AI powered sanctions filter.
  • Supports your all existing corporate message and file formats – no need to convert them.
  • Corporate Payments Fraud detection analysing patterns of behaviour to identify fraud.
  • Uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to identify and alert new fraudulent patterns before it’s too late.
  • Improve efficiency with significantly reduced false positives

Pelican Secure is a comprehensive suite of Financial Crime Compliance applications protecting all stages of the payments and transaction lifecycle – comprising four modular solutions covering

  • Sanctions Screening
  • AML Transaction Monitoring
  • Payments Fraud Prevention
  • Trade Compliance
  • KYC and Digital Onboarding

Instant Payments

Real-Time Payments

PelicanFast is the in-built real-time payments and compliance functionality within PelicanPayments.

It allows banks to add immediate payments functionality to their current infrastructure while retaining existing investments in legacy systems, providing quick access to the liquidity and service benefits of real-time transactions without the traditional implementation challenges and costs.

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Real-Time features

  • Supports multiple instant payment schemes for connectivity and payments processing.
  • Integrated with Pelican’s compliance filter for real-time payments and FCC solution.
  • Full end-to-end solution with integrated APIs.
  • Account mirroring and validation - providing a stand-in mode bridging the gap of core systems which are not 24 x 7 x 365

Innovative Digital Apps

Seamlessly Integrated Technologies

Innovative Digital Apps

The Pelican Platform is a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated technologies including AI, machine learning, natural language processing, real-time communication and open API, which work in unison with a powerful transaction management layer built and refined over the last two decades, incorporating workflows, analytics, cloud and mobile.

These elements combine together to provide an enriched user experience. The Pelican Platform powers the functionality underpinning all Pelican solutions – Pelican Payments, Pelican Secure, Pelican Fast, and Pelican Open Banking and forms the basis of Pelican Innovation Hub.

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The Pelican Innovation Hub brings together all of the modular and tightly integrated payments and compliance solutions. These all utilise the core technologies and capabilities of the Pelican Platform, including the Artificial Intelligence disciplines of Machine
Learning, Natural Language Processing and Voice; Open API integration; rich Omni-Channel UX; flexible Cloud deployment scenarios; and real-time payments and compliance capabilities.

Our innovative Digital Apps consist of:

  1. Cash Reporting (AIS)
  2. Financial Health Check
  3. Merchant Pay
  4. POS-Pay BizPay (Invoices, Salary)
  5. BizCollect (TopUps, Collections)

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Transaction Banking Brochures & Datasheets

Please use the Download button below to access the full library of Transaction Banking information resources, including datasheets covering Payments Hub, STP, and Open Banking.

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