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The digital transformation of financial services

The emergence of a truly open banking ecosystem is set to dramatically transform how banks and their customers engage and operate. The ability, and obligation, to provide payment initiation services and share account data with authorised third-parties represents a significant inflection point in the digital transformation of financial services. The high velocity of technological innovation and the shift to mobile-first engagement provides dynamic new opportunities for financial institutions to enrich their services and products.

API Fragmentation
The lack of a clearly defined single API standard threatens to obstruct the very core objective of Open Banking to create a unified, innovative, pan-European digital ecosystem for financial products. The Pelican Open Banking Hub addresses these challenges, with an API Interoperability solution that provides full seamless interoperability between all accepted formats, enabling Third-Party Providers (TPPs) to access PSD2 Payment Initiation and Account Information services, and to seamlessly connect to financial institutions implementing any of the popular Open Banking APIs, regardless of whether they are native TPPs, or banks wishing to operate as TPPs in an Open Banking environment.

API Interoperability

Highly Functional

The Pelican OpenBanking Hub enables all TPPs –including Banks wishing to provide TPP services – to offer both AIS and PIS services without the need to support multiple APIs. Organisations are able to publish different APIs across business lines or locations, whilst only supporting one API of their own. In addition, it includes a fraud detection and transaction risk analysis layer for open banking flows - delivering industry-leading levels of security.

Pelican’s interoperability capabilities are also attractive to banks wishing to internally standardise on one single API, but with a need to offer multiple API standards to reach a wider pan-European marketplace, or for banks that have already published a specific API and wish to support various other API standards across different business lines or in different jurisdictions.

Solution Capabilities

  • Europe-wide Payment Initiation and Account Information services without the need to support multiple APIs.
  • Pelican provides seamless and risk-free interoperability between all accepted formats, acting as a conversion ‘switch’ that harmonises the differences between various APIs.
  • Support for the six popular Open Banking API standards, now including the UK’s OBWG, France's STET and the Berlin Group, together with the Czech ČSOB, and the Polish and Slovakian APIs.
  • Allows TPPs and banks to focus on delivering their core proposition to customers, while Pelican takes the pain out of connecting to multiple API standards

Fintech and TPP Solutions


PelicanPay is a regulated and innovative payments and financial crime compliance platform for fintechs and Third Party Providers (TPPs), providing easy onboarding and a streamlined global payments process.

PelicanPay provides PSD2 Payment Initiation and Account Information services, accessible to all organisations seeking a truly pan-European and interoperable payment gateway solution.

PelicanPay is headquartered in London and is part of the Pelican group.

  • Leverage the PelicanPay Platform to provide innovative products and services to your customers.
  • Enable all your European customers to make payments from their banks accounts or retrieve account information, using your apps.
  • Handles interoperable API connectivity for you, supporting multiple pan-European standards and formats.
  • Lower your operating and support costs and increase efficiencies, by outsourcing the management of API standards to PelicanPay.

Innovative Digital Apps

Seamlessly Integrated Technologies

Open Banking and real-time payments initiatives have created a level playing field for banks and fintechs. It has also created a large market for over 500 million consumers and businesses that crave for intuitive, engaging and practical products and services that would simplify and enhance their daily professional and personal lives.

Banks and fintechs now have the capability to exploit these opportunities by deploying the latest advances technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Voice recognition, combined with always on and available everywhere mobile technologies, cloud platform and API based integrations.

Pelican Digital Apps

Pelican’s agile payments platform

The Pelican Platform is a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated technologies including AI, machine learning, natural language processing, real-time communication and open API, which work in unison with a powerful transaction management layer built and refined over the last two decades, incorporating workflows, analytics, cloud and mobile.


These elements combined with to provide an enriched and engaging user experience. The Pelican Platform powers the functionality underpinning all Pelican solutions – Pelican Payments, Pelican Secure, and Pelican Open Banking and forms the basis of Pelican Innovation Hub.

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Pelican's Digital Apps consist of:


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