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26 OCTOBER 2016

Edging ever closer to the abyss: why AI will reverse this trend

By Parth Desai
Parth Desai, CEO and Founder of Pelican, discusses why AI is already a fact and not fantasy. He highlights why financial institutions and corporates need to get on board now—or risk getting left behind.
18 OCTOBER 2016

Don’t be that company

By Bill North
Violating sanctions can be deadly for a business. Compliance is the answer, but how can corporates—traditionally less regulated than their banking counterparts—ensure this?
13 OCTOBER 2016

Addressing AML concerns

By Bill North
Embracing technologies such as artificial intelligence can simplify the behind the scenes work in areas such as AML and KYC, automating vast portions of the process and helping to form part of a broader strategy of compliance.
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