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Trade-based money laundering: not just a bank’s burden
15 MAY 2017
US regulators are clamping down on trade-based money laundering, but they should look further than banks to combat the practice.
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New money laundering prevention tool launched
02 MAY 2017
Payments and compliance system provider Pelican has launched a trade-based money laundering (TBML) detection solution incorporating artificial intelligence.
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Sanctions compliance complacency – is your organisation at risk?
APRIL 2017
For many companies, the failure to keep fully compliant with expanding sanctions, regulations and procedures can be a fateful mistake.
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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
MARCH 2017
In today’s environment of increased cyber-attacks and payments fraud, there is a temptation to focus on protecting global financial flows from the most recent fraud or hack.
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Payments fraud – is the arms race against the criminals winnable?
01 MARCH 2017
The almost unceasing reports of major cyber hacks should be incentive enough to ensure that financial institutions reassess existing fraud protection for their payments systems
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Pelican launches realtime payments processing
24 FEBRUARY 2017
In the EU this week, Pelican launched its real-time payments and compliance solution, PelicanFast.
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Pelican unveils AI-powered fraud prevention tool to monitor security breaches
01 FEBRUARY 2017
PelicanSecure Fraud Prevention solution is the Pelican’s new AI solution that will aim to help actively and intelligently monitor, analyse, detect and prevent attempted breaches.
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Honing an edge in transaction banking
18 JANUARY 2017
Much has been said about the brave new world of transaction banking—robots and blockchains replacing humans and inefficient paper. Are we really headed for a Terminator-esque world where robots are the norm? The fantasy world of fintech has yet to materialize.
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PSD2, APIs and changing the face of banking
17 JANUARY 2017
The European Parliament’s (EP) revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), along with other initiatives such as the Open Banking Working Group (OBWG) and the increase in real-time payments, is set to change the face of banking.
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