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Global Banking & Finance
The innovation imperative and API challenge for banks
02 AUGUST 2019
The combination of rapid technology innovation, cultural and behavioural shifts, and new financial regulations are transforming the banking sector at a speed that is unprecedented.
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The Global Treasurer
Open Banking—The great enabler
17 JULY 2019
Continuing our look at Open Banking and its impact on treasury, we discuss why technology such as APIs, AI and overlays will be the driving forces for change while Open Banking is the great enabler.
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International Banker
Raising the red flag on TBML
09 MAY 2019
How AI technology can support banks in efficient, effective monitoring for TBML indicators.
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OFAC: Taking their foot off the gas?
27 MARCH 2019
Colin Camp, Senior Director - Business Development & Sales, APAC at Pelican, explores the drop in penalties issued to banks and corporates by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and asks, if the trend continues, if it’s appropriate to scale back trade compliance efforts as a result.
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The Limits of API Aggregation—how ‘interoperability’ can solve the fragmentation challenge
26 MARCH 2019
Open Banking is a powerful opportunity for both established banks and new fintech market entrants to develop and deliver impactful and empowering payments and financial services to consumers and businesses alike. It has been estimated that PSD2 has the potential to create a revenue opportunity of at least £7.2bn by 2022 across retail and small-business markets.
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Is treasury missing the artificial intelligence opportunity?
13 FEBRUARY 2019
Artificial intelligence has the potential to help treasurers deal with regulation changes, increasingly demanding customers and continuing globalisation, yet uptake of the technology remains low. Is this a missed opportunity or is it just a matter of time before AI is commonplace across treasury functions?
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Combating trade-based money laundering
3 JANUARY 2019
The traditional methods and software used to detect fraud are outmoded, and that the fraudsters can be one step ahead.
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Succeeding in the AI economy: An interview with Parth Desai
23 OCTOBER 2018
For over twenty years, Pelican has pioneered the application of AI technology to enhance, streamline and secure the payments life-cycle and combat financial crime. We sit down with Founder and CEO Parth Desai to discuss the challenges facing banks today.
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Partnership strategies to overcome digital disruption
23 OCTOBER 2018
Will digital disruption by dynamic technology natives undermine the long established business models and customer relationships of traditional banks? Tristan Blampied, Senior Product Manager with Pelican, examines the challenges.
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Digital India – How digital identity and open APIs are driving payments innovation
Much has been written about the potential of Open Banking and the transformative impact this will have on Europe’s payment landscape.
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