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Half of companies within two years of real-time payments adoption
15 MAY 2018
A recent poll taken at the bobsguide Fintalk webinar, ‘Real-Time Payments: the growth opportunities and challenges’ revealed that 56% of the webinar audience would adopt real-time payments within two years.
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Real-time forensics: How to outpace criminals in the cyber arms race
08 MAY 2018
The disruption caused by payments fraud, especially high value wire transfers, is well documented and widely reported, and demonstrates the increasing focus of highly sophisticated criminal entities on the global financial payments system.
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Real-time forensics: Effective strategies to combat payments fraud
28 MARCH 2018
The wave of payments fraud that continues to sweep the globe shows no signs of receding, leaving the financial services community anxiously in search of reliable ways to stay one step ahead.
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Real-time forensics & cognitive automation—How AI is set to transform banking payments
23 MARCH 2018
The practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by banks and financial service providers will be a hot topic in 2018.
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Embracing real-time payments in the U.S.: Challenges and opportunities
21 MARCH 2018
Since the introduction of ACH payments around forty years ago, the infrastructure of the U.S. payment system has remained relatively stagnant. The last few months, however, have seen a significant shift.
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Are you ready for pan-European real-time payments?
02 MARCH 2018
The digitalisation of the economy has transformed how consumers and businesses purchase and pay for goods and services.
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The new sanctions compliance challenge
How the right processes and systems can help corporate treasury mitigate risk.
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Payments roundup: Pelican expands PelicanFast to the North American market
30 JANUARY 2018
Pelican, a provider of financial crime compliance systems, has expanded its PelicanFast solution to the North American market.
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AFP day 2: Pelican’s Innovation Hub
19 OCTOBER 2017
On the second day of this year’s AFP conference Trump’s potential tax reform, Pelican's Innovation Hub, using synthetic debt and the expected benefits of SWIFT gpi were all hotly discussed topics.
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Pelican unveils “Innovation Hub” fintech partnership model for banks
17 OCTOBER 2017
Pelican, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) powered payments and financial crime compliance solutions for banks and corporates, has launched its Pelican Innovation Hub.
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