Pelican Transaction Banking
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Transaction Banking

Pelican Transaction Banking offers intelligent, end-to-end transaction automation which delivers exceptional levels of efficiency. This leads to drastically reduced costs and creates opportunities for increased profitability.

Working in harmony with existing payment components, Pelican handles file management and routing, while its flexible, rules-based framework also creates a platform for banks to quickly launch innovative new products and implement differential pricing.

Delivering Customer Value

In a recent survey,* over 50% of people responsible for Transaction Banking responded that there are inefficiencies in their payments business or processing operations. At the same time, nearly 80% felt that AI could help reduce inefficiencies and increase revenue and profitability across all of these areas.

Did you know that Pelican are the pioneers of the application of AI into the payments life-cycle? We are already leveraging it in our relationships with global banks, helping them move beyond simple automation and dramatically transform the way they operate. By deploying intelligent, future-proofed solutions, banks can address the continuing deluge of regulatory and business challenges they are facing with confidence and deliver higher levels customer satisfaction than ever before.

AI in payments has the potential to revolutionise the transaction banking industry. It can deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy, speed and efficiency that consumers, companies and corporates now expect of the user experience they receive from their bank.

Success Stories | How Pelican helps its customers

40% Cost Reduction Delivered

Find out how we helped a bank to quickly reduce operational processing costs

Additional Revenue of US$8 Million p.a. Achieved

Discover how we collaborated with a client to create innovative new products to generate new revenue and profit

Increased STP Rate From 70% to 98%

Learn how a bank increased STP rates and retained at risk customers
*Source: Finextra survey - Leveraging artificial intelligence for payments efficiency


Enhanced Experience Using AI

  • Higher STP rates by leveraging the AI discipline of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive meaning from payments and automate repairs. Our clients enjoy an average STP rate of 94%
  • Consistent seamless payments processing, harnessing Machine Learning so the Pelican platform can adapt its actions once it detects behavioural patterns
  • Achieves contextual understanding of payments so banks can implement bespoke pricing strategies and intelligent routing

Platform Benefits

  • Integrated solutions: Transaction Banking / Corporate Banking / Payments Compliance are all developed completely in–house
  • Command & control center – exception processing with end to end visibility
  • State-of-the-art, rich omni-channel User-Interface (UI) with mobile and tablet supported
  • Future-proofed, supporting the latest open API standards, as well as many other connection protocols