PelicanFast: Real-Time Payments & Compliance Solutions
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PelicanFast: Real-Time Payments & Compliance Solutions

PelicanFast is an innovative and combined real-time payments processing and compliance solution, enabling banks and corporates to make and receive real-time payments internationally. Legacy systems designed for end-of-day batch processing can struggle to adapt to the demands of today’s 24/7 anywhere, anytime, instant payment expectations. PelicanFast’s modular architecture delivers the services consumers and businesses expect - complete payment and compliance solutions in real-time. Available as a combined and comprehensive real-time platform, the payments and compliance modular solutions are also available separately.

Pelican is a designated Frontrunner service provider by EBA Clearing to facilitate connection to the pan-European real-time payment infrastructure across 34 European countries. The PelicanFast modules for payments processing and compliance are available individually or combined and are adaptable for multiple real-time payment schemes.

Advanced Real-Time Compliance

The PelicanFast payments and real-time compliance solution is unique in the way it uses the AI discipline of natural language processing to provide the highest levels of compliance. A fully configurable range of AML, Sanctions and Fraud prevention screening is conducted in real-time, ensuring all validations are within the required strict processing time limits.

The market-leading compliance capabilities of PelicanFast are a powerful demonstration of how truly intelligent technology can keep banks one-step ahead of the growing global threat of payments fraud, with the ability to actively and intelligently monitor, analyse, detect and prevent attempted fraud breaches in real-time. The unique learning capabilities harness Pelican’s twenty-years of experience in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide unrivalled levels of protection and fraud prevention for instant payments.

Solution Benefits | How PelicanFast delivers Instant Payments & Compliance

Retain Existing Investments

PelicanFast adds immediate payment functionality to your existing infrastructure

Real-Time Compliance Solutions

Integrated Compliance incorporating AML. Sanctions and Fraud prevention

Domain Expertise & Knowledge

Solutions from a proven provider with 20 years experience