It all started with a challenge by the master

It was a late night in February 1987.

The office of Cognitive Systems in New Haven, Connecticut, was dark except for one corner where a young man was intently focused on the flickering screen of a Macintosh. He was determined to solve a challenge set by his new boss.

Parth Desai was 24 years old. He had graduated from Georgia Tech just three months before with a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence . His new boss was Roger Schank, the professor of the Yale Artificial Intelligence Unit and one of the most celebrated global pioneers of Artificial Intelligence .

‘We know machines can read and interpret grammar,” Schank explained, “but they do not understand what they are reading. I want us to build a machine that can think like a human.’

This was the task Schank set his young researcher. It would be pushing the boundaries of Natural Language Processing (NLP), one of the core disciplines of Artificial Intelligence .

Driving Innovation through Artificial Intelligence Think Tank

Since our first breakthrough in Natural Language Processing back in 1987, we have multiplied our expertise and the power of the Pelican platform through our AI Think Tank. Through a dynamic knowledge-sharing forum, we share insights and new thinking that consistently builds expertise across our team and drives innovation.