Who we are

We are a global team of Artificial Intelligence experts based in New York, London, Dubai and Mumbai.
Each of us is focused on finding new ways to adapt and advance Artificial Intelligence to enhance the efficiency and profitability of Banks and Corporates around the world.

We are proud of the leadership position we have achieved in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology over more than 20 years. Click here to read the story of Pelican’s evolution.

Almost since the inception of Natural Language Processing, we have been driving innovation that enables Banks and Corporates to achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, simplicity and cost savings.

Close client relationships combined with our distinctive internal culture of nurturing expertise and knowledge sharing has enabled us to deliver what we believe is the most powerful end-to-end payments and compliance management solution in the world.

Today, we serve Banks and Corporates in 55 countries around the world.

Intelligent Payments Management

Through the application of leading edge Artificial Intelligence into the end-to-end payments life cycle and compliance, our clients can drastically reduce costs, lower risk and create opportunities for increased profitability. We call the achievement of these outstanding levels of efficiency Intelligent Payments Management (IPM).

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Uniquely qualified

  • A mastery of Artificial Intelligence accumulated over more than 20 years
  • A long and proven ability to join Banks and Corporates into a single ecosystem of payments
  • Entire solution designed and built by one team to create a seamless, reliable and simple user experience
  • Provide visibility of all payment activity across the entirety of a business, or regarding a specific product or currency type for revenue/cost analysis

Driving Innovation through Artificial Intelligence Think Tank

Since our first breakthrough in Natural Language Processing back in 1987, we have multiplied our expertise and the power of the Pelican platform through our AI Think Tank. Through a dynamic knowledge-sharing forum, we share insights and new thinking that consistently builds expertise across our team and drives innovation.